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It has been stated that Star Trek Timelines players will be able to create their own user character, and a background to go with it. This page is an index of user characters, where player's can browse profiles of user characters, or add their own.

User Characters[edit | edit source]

Adding Your Character[edit | edit source]

Players are welcome to add a page for their character. These pages could include content such as a background, ships manifest list, ST forum ID name for contact and so forth or anything else. Please make the title of the page the character's name, and remember that since this is a wiki the page may be edited by any member. A more detailed tutorial will be added in the future.

The form below can be used to create a page quickly:

Once the page has been created, it can be added to the list below to let players find it more easily.

List of Characters[edit | edit source]




Dorian Keghunter

Your Character Here