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Version 1.7.0 (iOS) and 1.7.1 (Android)[edit | edit source]


Greetings Captains!

Today we are pushing a client update for the game, version 1.7.1. Please note that iOS will say 1.7.0, Android will say 1.7.1, but they are functionally the same. Following up on last week’s server push, below is a list of additional changes you will see in the game including The Gauntlet, which will be rolled out to players gradually:

  • The Gauntlet: Players will be able to pick a team of five of their crew and compete against up to 200 other players’ teams for prizes. This is the first time that you’ll be able to compete against other players’ crew! Stay tuned for our more in-depth blog post and FAQ about The Gauntlet. This feature will be rolled out to players gradually, so not all players will see the feature at first.
  • Fixed a bug in the tutorial that allowed players to close the first conflict, which would leave them stuck without UI and unable to continue playing.
  • Crew management UI improvement: crew in overflow will now display “Duplicate” if that crew is already fully fused, and “Fusible” if not already fully fused.
  • Added rewards and back button functionality to display rewards in the splash screen of an event.
  • Various layout and UI improvements including changes to the Cryostasis Vault, PvP Battle Station style improvements, and changes to accommodate for more crew on screen at once.
  • Other improvements to general typography, scrollbar usability, and reformatted rules.
  • Addressed an issue where players were encountering a server error after crafting an item in a Galaxy Event when backgrounding the app.

Additionally, some of you may have experienced difficulties on Saturday morning as you tried to participate in the most recent Galaxy Event. Every player who attempted to play during this outage would have encountered this error. This was due to a bug that our team is currently working on remedying for future events. In the meantime, please accept this gift of 250 Chronitons to help level and improve your new crew from the event, because some of you were unable to participate for a short amount of time this past weekend. Enjoy!

Version 1.6.0[edit | edit source]


Supply Kits

The “Boosts” tab has been renamed to “Boosts & Kits” Supply Kits may be purchased for 70 Dilithium in the Boosts and Kits section of the Time Portal. Supply Kits remain active for 24 hours from the time of purchase. Supply Kits provide the following bonuses when active: 25% reduction in Chroniton cost, double credit rewards, and 50% bonus crew XP. Players may purchase more than one supply kit. Each additional supply kit increases your Supply Kit time by 24 hours.

Bug Fixes

== Players may once again view event rewards before the event begins. == Players may once again see a player’s fleet and battle station crew when viewing their profile. == Holocommunicator is now named Holocomm for text length reasons. == Added an icon for the VIP Level notification. == Added an event unlock icon with the correct padlock image. == Updated the Admiral Division rewards to correct say Admiral in their mails. Previously they said Captain, though they still delivered the Admiral rewards. == Fixed a typo in WWII O’Brien’s flight helmet. == Kes’s items are now correctly called “Kes’s” instead of “Kess’s” == Added four more voice lines for Q when you return to the game.

Ship Battles and PvP

Build and change ship UI improvements == Ships data has been updated to show a ship’s base data, making it easier to choose which ship to use. Previously, this data was only shown when looking at the info button of a ship. == Ships are now much more recognizable from their art. == The Info button has been reworked to better show ship information.

Improved Ship Battle UI == All information on your ship and your opponent’s ship has been centralized on the bottom portion of your screen. == Opponent’s actions are now more easily displayed above the opponent’s ship health bars. == Opponent notifications are now more visible on the right side of the screen.

Improved Crew Filtering for Battle Stations ==Selecting a Battle Station on your ship will cause the Crew that match the Station’s Skill Bonus to filter to the top of the list.

Version 1.5.3[edit | edit source]


-On the menu that shows missions to obtain items and the Replicator, certain missions that have actually been completed appear to be locked and cannot be selected or warped. This bug has been fixed in 1.5.3; you should see the missions to get items in order of least-to-most Chroniton cost, and they should be locked if you have completed the mission.

-The Shuttle UI bug that prevented sending more than one shuttle at a time, or completing one shuttle at a time, has been fixed.

Version 1.5.2[edit | edit source]


Premium Features:

  • Some players may see new versions of the Monthly Card in their shop! With 1.5.2 comes the ability to test out new, exciting versions of the Monthly Card, giving our players value in new ways. We’ll let you know what’s coming soon!


  • Ads have been overhauled!
  • Ad buttons now have their own distinct color, letting you see ad options at a glance. The ability to view ads may now be present for some players in three places: Scanning, Warping, and getting a Chroniton boost!
  • Ads continue to be a work in progress. With 1.5.2, we will be greatly increasing our test group, so more players than ever can utilize ads in the game.


  • Galaxy Events have been improved, with bug fixes, UI fixes, and more! The UI has been updated and streamlined, including a visual display of event crew bonuses, better showing the failure bonus for the bonus item, and item menu improvements.

Bug fixes:

  • The great Casing/Polyalloy image debate has been put to “rust” by rusting the polyalloys.
  • Extensive changes have been implemented to reduce memory usage and prevent frequent crashes on devices with less available memory. Players with those devices should have a much smoother experience playing the game for longer periods of time. Specific devices that should see an improvement are the iPad 2 and iPad Mini (or equivalent) devices that had 512mb - 1gb of available memory.
  • Squadron leaders can now remove players from their squadron! this is not yet live, more information to follow.
  • Rare rewards now no longer appear on the menu to obtain equipment if they’ve already been claimed
  • The equipment menu now sorts closer to Chroniton efficiency.
  • Fixed some equipment that were at an incorrect rarity from intended.
  • Updated mission text to refer to The Professor instead of Moriarty.
  • Updated Augment/Cardassian/Ferengi Alliance shops to sometimes contain 4-star and 5-star crew.
  • UI polish and improvements.

Version 1.5.0[edit | edit source]


New Equipment Menu Interface

  • Long-awaited changes to the Equipment Menu are here! In addition to showing the option to Replicate an item or equipment, the menu will now sort automatically in order of most-likely to least-likely for drops (based on average expected Chroniton cost to get the needed item). The menu also displays better information about the mission type, quality of the reward, challenge level needed to obtain the reward, and the Chroniton cost. This quality-of-life improvement should help players become more efficient in finding items needed to advance their crew!

50th Anniversary ship skin has expired

  • As fun as it was, the 50th Anniversary ship skin for the NCC-1701 Enterprise has returned to the “normal” ship skin. Perhaps it will return in the future!

Privacy Policy is in Support Tab

  • The Disruptor Beam Privacy Policy is now easily accessible from the in-game Support tab.

Faction Events

  • Squadrons will now be able to share crew during Faction Events! The Squadron leader may now choose one of their crew members to share amongst all members of that Squadron, to improve their Squadron’s performance in an event. Squad members can use this shared crew in the event, in addition to their own crew.

Other Text, Bug, and UI Fixes.

  • Events and other parts of the game have had their interface refreshed and improved! Several buttons have been fixed to wrap text correctly, in addition to other text and bug fixes.

New crew have been added to the game with today’s server release for 1.5.0. The new crew include the following limited edition crew that will appear in the Dabo Wheel and future special packs:

Fesek (Star Trek: Voyager)

  • Skills: 827–1054
    Avg: 940.5
    Engineering Engineering  712 + (115–342)
    , 619–713
    Avg: 666
    Diplomacy Diplomacy  552 + (67–161)

Commander Kelby (Star Trek: Enterprise)

  • Skills: 874–951
    Avg: 912.5
    Engineering Engineering  809 + (65–142)
    , 640–748
    Avg: 694
    Command Command  559 + (81–189)

Orion Slaver (Star Trek: The Original Series, Enterprise)

  • Skills: 849–1119
    Avg: 984
    Security Security  673 + (176–446)
    , 626–771
    Avg: 698.5
    Diplomacy Diplomacy  524 + (102–247)
    , 362–516
    Avg: 439
    Command Command  239 + (123–277)

Version 1.4.1[edit | edit source]


An interim release of STAR TREK TIMELINES, version 1.4.1, is being released today, September 12, 2016. This release includes an important bug fix that affects Galaxy Events. As such, before the next Galaxy Event, all players will need to upgrade to be able to play the event. You will be required to upgrade to play Star Trek Timelines on Wednesday, September 14.

Version 1.4.0 (iOS and Android)[1][edit | edit source]


REPLICATOR The Replicator feature is now available in 1.4.0. The Replicator allows you to use up excess items in your inventory to create a whole new piece of equipment or component, adding to the ways that you can obtain needed items and equipment. Using the Replicator is as easy as picking an item, putting in the components, and paying a credit fee to create almost any item in the game!

WARP FOR FREE! With the release of 1.4.0, some players may see the option to get FREE warps and scans by watching for ads.

SQUADRONS Changes have also been made to the game to introduce the Squadrons feature for the Second Battle of New York event this week. During events, members of a Fleet can join together in Squadrons of up to five to work on shared goals as well as individual goals, and compete against other Squadrons within other fleets for rewards!

Version 1.3.2 (iOS and Android)[2][edit | edit source]


STAR TREK TIMELINES version 1.3.2 is available in the App Store and Google Play. It contains the following updates and fixes: Feature Updates:

Cryostasis Vault: This feature has been designed to immortalize all crew that have been fully fused, fully leveled to 100, and fully equipped. Complete crew will be immortalized in the Vault; if a player chooses to dismiss an active crew member that is present in the Vault, he will be able to call that crew back to active service at any time. One-Time Daily Missions: This feature creates a system in which one-time Daily Missions can appear alongside the standard Daily Missions. Tap-and-Hold Training for Crew: This allows multiple training programs to be assigned to a crew with one click, rather than clicking once for each training program used for the crew.

Bug Fixes: -Fix for multiple device and Galaxy Map notifications when shuttle missions are complete. -Minor text changes in several areas to fix incorrect wording or spelling. -Minor changes to the game screen to fix overlap with Special Offers and Event icons on the right side. -Minor other UI changes for readability and correct spacing.

Content Updates:

Credits: The app has been updated to include team credits for those who contributed to STAR TREK TIMELINES. Please restart your game to prevent “Recipe Out of Date” messages, and update your game to the latest version to see all the new features and changes.

Live Long and Prosper, The STAR TREK TIMELINES Team

Version 1.2.0 (iOS and Android)[3][edit | edit source]


Greetings Captains!

Star Trek Timelines 1.2 has been released! This build brings support for our all-new Galaxy Events - events where you can unlock awesome rewards for every Star Trek Timelines player. It also brings more great improvements:

  • improved Fleet Management options: Message of the Day, setting permissions, and invites all on an improved interface;
  • improved Captain portrait selection screen: Manage your Captain Portrait + set your captain name with ease;
  • support for our future PvP system, including the ability to buy Entry Tickets to the events on purchase screens.

More on Galaxy Events can be found here: http://www.disruptorbeam.com/blog/2016/6/2/standing-together-standing-strong-galaxy-events-in-star-trek-timelines

Update your game in the App Store or Google Play Store to Version 1.2 today to get access to all of these great improvements, PLUS additional bugfixes.

Thanks for playing Star Trek Timelines!

Live Long and Prosper,

The Timelines Team

Version 1.1.0 (iOS and Android)[edit | edit source]


Greetings, Captains!

Big changes and improvements have warped into Star Trek Timelines over the past few days, and are now officially released! Some of the improvements were pushed live a little earlier, so you may have noticed some of these changes already - but the official list of notes for Star Trek Timelines v. 1.1.0 is as follows:

  • Implemented the infrastructure for Cadet Challenges. More information about the first Cadet Challenge coming soon, or check out the last Disruptor Stream to get a sneak peek!
  • We are currently testing a new version of the Dabo Wheel. Some players will see the wheel in v. 1.1.0. We will be gathering data from the test to continue to fine-tune this offering.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements, including:

Design changes:

  • Removed trait lock for Maquis+Diplomacy in “The Toss”
  • Added ‘Undercover Operative’ trait to Commando Crusher
  • Added ‘Communicator’ trait to a number of crew
  • Converted multiple shuttle mission challenge locks from AND to OR
  • Sort to filter out crew who do not meet requirements for Cadet Challenges
  • Dismissing crew now grants training missions based on the crew’s rarity
  • Ship schematics are fixed to level up ships properly

Community/Universal Chat changes:

  • New tools for customer service to manage Universal Chat experience
  • Players can now block other players’ chat messages via a button in the player inspection panel - click on the Captain Name of the chatter to access the tool.

Version 1.0.7 (Android)[edit | edit source]


Greetings Captains!

Star Trek Timelines 1.0.7 contains bugfixes and improvements specifically for Android devices. This update makes changes to permissions and fixes some bugs that made interactions between Google Play store and Star Trek Timelines difficult. This update does not add features or content, so play should be unchanged except to run a little more smoothly.

The bugs in our Known Issues list are now being worked on for the next release.

Download the latest version for the best experience!

Version 1.0.6 (iOS and Android)[edit | edit source]


Hello Captains! Star Trek Timelines 1.0.6 has been released! With it comes a lot of new improvements, beamed right into your device. iOS and Android smile

  • We’ve made some great improvements to the game:
    • An all-new events system has been added! Events allow you to compete with other players for amazing rewards, including new crew! Look for our first event, They Came From The Holodeck, to show up soon!
    • Remembering the difficulty of missions when you replay them
    • Showing rarity stars across more items (and in more places!)
    • Updates to equipment and crafting.
  • More balance updates and improvements to the game.
  • Bugfixes!
  • And plenty more!

Known Issues:

  • Mission and Ship Battle rewards screen does not display Captain Experience or Credits earned.
    • This is a display issue only. Experience & Credits are being added to every players account.
  • When successfully completing a space battle with the U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701 Super RareSuper RareSuper RareSuper Rare the following error message appears: “A permission error occured. Please contact player support if the issue persists. - verification failed”. The ship battle fails and Chronitons are lost.
    • Switch to a different ship until this is fixed. Only the U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701 Super RareSuper RareSuper RareSuper Rare is affected.

We are working to fix this ASAP and a in game message will be sent to all players once it’s resolved.

Download our latest update and prepare for all of Voyager’s Holodeck adventures to come alive, in They Came From The Holodeck!

Version 1.0.5 (iOS and Android)[edit | edit source]


Hello Captains! Prepare for a subspace update with the latest improvements for Star Trek Timelines, now being released (may take up to 48 hours in some locations) through the iOS App Store and Google Play!

  • Some ships can now be upgraded multiple times! Upgrading a ship improves its stats. Expect all ships to be upgradeable in the near future. This update applies to the following ships:
    • All one- and two-star ships
    • Enterprise-D
    • The Defiant
    • Enterprise 1701
  • Captains now receive a notification when they can build or upgrade a ship.
  • When selecting crew for an Away Team mission, you can now filter your crew by stat! Filter by Security, Command, Medical, etc. and you’ll only see the crew of that type. Crew are automatically sorted with the highest skill at the top.
  • The look of Ship Combat has been revamped! Crew are now color-coded for their type, and crew show up much more prominently when they are used in combat.
  • Chronitons now show on the main screen! Chronitons will swap out for Merits when you open a faction store.
  • The potential rare rewards now shows if you’ve already claimed those rewards.
  • Warp 10 is now “Warp Max,” which warps you the maximum number of times you can afford with your Chronitons.
  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • And so much more!

Thanks for your support and feedback. Live long and prosper!

Version 1.0.4 (iOS)[edit | edit source]


Greetings Captains!

Today we’ve released our first iOS update, version 1.0.4.

Thank you for your patience post-launch while we addressed a number of issues in the game.

This update contains the following fixes & improvements:

  • Fixed a number of issues causing game crashes
  • Fixed an issue where purchases were not delivered in game due to crash or lost internet connection
  • Fixed monthly cards that were not being correctly added to player accounts
  • Fixed warp rewards screen not displaying correctly in game
  • Fixed being unable to build a ship when you had the required schematics
  • Fixed Faction shops not providing enough schematics
  • Fixed Faction shops with unresponsive buttons
  • Faction shops now provide more variety and unlock new things to buy as you increase rank with the faction
  • Updated daily activities to reward more credits
  • Updated VIP text to make it less confusing
  • Faction missions now correctly vary in difficulty: They slowly get more difficult as you succeed in each faction’s missions and slowly get easier as you fail each faction’s missions.
  • When repeating a mission the crew used previously is pre-populated for the next mission to aid in quickly repeating missions.
  • The list of available missions where items can be acquired for each crew has been updated, so it’s more accurate when viewing options to get items for your crew

We hope you enjoy the game improvements made in this update. Please rate and review it in the App Store!

Thanks for playing Star Trek Timelines.

Version 1.0.3 (Android)[edit | edit source]


Hello Captains! We have a new Android build for you. This build fixes the following bugs:

  • Players can now more easily tap or press training, advance, and faction shop buttons.
  • Faction missions now show how long they’ll take.
  • Fleets now scroll and respond better.
  • Better item drops for ship battles!
  • Better item drops in the first episode!
  • Fixed warping not providing enough items.
  • Fixed some “resource not found” bugs.

Download this update now to live long and prosper!

Version 1.0.2 (Android)[edit | edit source]


Of course it will need time to propagate everywhere but the update is live. Please make sure to download it :)

Thank you!

This update contains fixes for the following issues:

  • Fixed “Requested Resource” quest error that blocked progress for some players
  • Increased the size of the Away Mission graph
  • Fixed issue where item buttons read LOCKED
  • Added Scanning timer
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some players from installing the game
  • General performance improvements and crash fixes

References[edit | edit source]