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Player made fleets.

Fleets[edit | edit source]

Required Level[edit | edit source]

Captain Level 9 is required to create and join fleets.

Adding Your Fleet[edit | edit source]

Players are welcome to add a page for their fleet. These pages could include content such as an overview of the group, any requirements, the fleet's history, a memberlist and links to further information. Please make the title of the page the fleet's name, and remember that since this is a wiki the page may be edited by any member.

The form below can be used to create a page quickly:

Once the page has been created, it can be added to the table below to let players find it more easily.

List of Fleets[edit | edit source]

Fleet Logo STT Fleet Page External Fleet Page Language
AN.png Alpha Noobs

Helping Beginners Become Admirals

Join our community!

Alpha Noobs Community Band English
Echo Squad


Echo Squad **NEEDS YOU - SEARCH AND JOIN OPEN GROUP!** Echo Squad English
Quetzalcoatl Starfleet.jpeg Quetzalcoatl Starfleet Español
Swgshield.png Silent Warriors Silent Warriors Website
Silent Warriors Discord
13eild.jpg We've Engaged the Borg
My name is Tina or Warp 9.9
Phoenix Marauders Phoenix Marauders English and Klingon
Section 47 Main Logo.png Section 47 Section 47 English
IMG 2495klein.jpg STARS Homepage


Stars2.0 Kopie.png STARS2.0 Homepage

STARS2.0 on FB

Stars3.0 .png STARS3.0 Homepage

STARS3.0 on FB

TUFG Logo.jpg The United Federation of Gays English
Ouroboros.jpg Ouroboros Expeditionary Armada English
UVC United Vulcan Council
Touch Telepaths Touch Telepaths German/English
He's dead, Jim! Er ist tot, Jim! German/English
The 16th Fleet The 16th Fleet English
confedartes confedartes English
hun-akadémia hun-akadémia Hungarian
Great Empire Great Empire Czech
Veil-nebula-hubble.jpg The Liberal Alliance English
Sons of Soong.jpg Sons of Soong English
Badge (2).png THE SECOND FLEET English
VoyagerAwayTeam.jpg Voyager Away Team English
Deepspaceninebadge.jpg Niners Fleet thread on ST Timelines forum

DSEF Logo large.png

Deep Space Exploration Fleet German
TFP.jpg Task Force Pacific English
FF-Wash.jpg Firefly Wash English
Reunionbig.jpg S.A.H.M.s Fleet

Good for busy Parents, FTP, and beginners.