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Many actions players take in Star Trek Timelines are to the benefit or detriment of the factions vying for control. If players take enough actions in a dispute, the balance of power between factions will shift, and their sphere of influence will grow, shrunk or alter shape on the galaxy map. Players are a representative of the Federation, and mediate or decide the outcome of disputes.

All factions have an attitude towards the player: Despised, Hostile, Neutral, Friendly, Allied, Honored. They will sell specific items to the players (for credits, merits or dilithium), but the number of items they offer depends on the reputation. Items available in the faction centers change daily, except for transmissions, which are always available. You can buy more transmissions in each pack if you are on good footing with the faction.

Other than conflicts between factions, the player can gain standing in the eyes of a specific faction by performing shuttle missions for them. These missions will also reward items that can be used in crafting or upgrading.

Prime Universe Factions[edit | edit source]

Augments[edit | edit source]


Initial Reputation: Despised

Home Planet: Regula I

"These proud and aggressive genetically-enhanced humans fought the Eugenetic Wars in the late 20th Century on Earth and were defeated, yet attempts to revive their movement took place in the 22nd and 23rd centuries. Ever wondered what would have happened if Kirk hadn't defeated Kahn or Archer hadn't defeated Malik? Now you can see for yourself."

Augments Faction Center

Bajorans[edit | edit source]


Initial Reputation: Friendly

Home Planet: Bajor

"Fiercely independent and deeply religious, the Bajorans have had a close (but not always friendly) relationship with the Federation. Bajor has a long troubled history with Cardassia, and the temporal anomaly crisis threatens to reopen old wounds. Of additional concern is the reappearance of the Maquis freedom fighters, who are all too happy to stoke the fires against Cardassia...."

Bajoran Faction Center

Cardassian Union[edit | edit source]

Cardassian Union

Initial Reputation: Neutral

Home Planet: Cardassia Prime

"After their significant loss in the Dominion War, neither the Federation nor the Bajorans see the Cardassian Union as a threat. But even cowed, the Cardassians make dangerous enemies, and both the Maquis resurgence and the temporal chaos in Bajoran and Cardassian space has them cornered. If the Cardassians ask for aid in defending innocent lives, the Federation believes itself obligated to respond -- although it’s up to you as to how."

Cardassian Faction Center

Dominion[edit | edit source]


Initial Reputation: Despised

Home Planet: Xindus

"Native of the Gamma Quadrant, the Dominion is a coalition of species comprised by the shapeshifting Changeling and their genetically engineered servant species, such as the cunning Vorta and the vicious Jem'Hadar. They started a war with the Federation in the second half of the 24th century, but were defeated by a virus engineered by the federal Section 31. This time-split version of the Dominion oddly occupies Xindus - a planet otherwise destroyed in 2030. The Dominion is a formidable foe that has forced the Federation to many uncomfortable actions."

Dominion Faction Center

Federation[edit | edit source]


Initial Reputation: Friendly

Home Planet: Earth

"The United Federation of Planets is a multi-species republic founded in 2161 by Earth, Vulcan, Andor, and Tellar. While it tries to exist as a peaceful entity driven by social betterment and scientific discovery, it has a large fleet capable of defending their territory against all threats. How will you defend the Federation in these difficult times, Captain?"

Federation Faction Center

Ferengi Alliance[edit | edit source]

Ferengi Alliance

Initial Reputation: Friendly

Home Planet: Ferenginar

"When Grand Nagus Zek started a series of reforms to introduce social security and improve the lives of all Ferengi - including the women - many Ferengi decided to follow the Grand Negus in his quest for a more competitive and fair society. When Zek passed his office to the new Grand Nagus Rom, these reforms only accelerated. Beware of the Ferengi, though: they might have a newfound social spirit, but opportunity plus instinct equals profit - Ninth Rule of Acquisition."

Ferengi Alliance Faction Center

Ferengi Traditionalists[edit | edit source]

Ferengi Traditionalists

Initial Reputation: Hostile

Home Planet: Dopteria

"When Grand Nagus Zek started a series of reforms to introduce social security and improve the lives of all Ferengi - including the women - many Ferengi thought that he had most likely gone mad - or had been corrupted by the radical feminist Ishka. When he was succeeded by the new Grand Nagus Rom and it became obvious that even more traditions would be broken and the true spirit of the Rules of Acquisition would be abandoned, many Ferengi decided to remain true to their history. Beware of the Ferengi: they might like your latinum, but the bigger the smile the bigger the knife - 48th Rule of Acquisition."

Ferengi Traditionalists Faction Center

Hirogen[edit | edit source]


Initial Reputation: Despised

Home Planet: Pollux IV

"A technologically advanced species of the Delta Quadrant, they grew bored and decided that hunting other sentient beings was the only sensible thing left to do in their lives. USS Voyager gave them holographic technology to hunt holograms, but that doesn't mean they have abandoned their old ways. No-one knows how they got to the Alpha Quadrant, but be sure you don't end up in one of their hunts, Captain."

Hirogen Faction Center

Klingon Empire[edit | edit source]

Klingon Empire

Initial Reputation: Hostile or Despised

Home Planet: Qo'noS

"An ancient, honor bound and really quite violent species, the Klingon rule over a large Empire and have had a complicated relationship with the Federation. Their thirst for blood and revenge is the tale of legend, but their sense of honour and their respect for a worthy foe are equally impressive. Fighting alongside the Klingon, it has been agreed, is much better than fighting against them."

Klingon Empire Faction Center

Maquis[edit | edit source]


Initial Reputation: Neutral

Home Planet: Athos IV

"Though they were wiped out during the Dominion War, the temporal anomaly crisis has brought about the Maquis's rebirth, and they aren't about to let it go to waste. Federation policy considers the Maquis a criminal organization and seeks its members’ arrest. While their tactics are unquestionably violent, Maquis intelligence is frequently correct on the covert and illegal activity of official governments like the Cardassian Union. It’s your call whether you’ll follow the letter of Federation policy or (secretly) support the Maquis."

Maquis Faction Center

Romulan Star Empire[edit | edit source]

Romulan Star Empire

Initial Reputation: Hostile

Home Planet: Romulus

"Nothing is more important than the Romulan state, the ubiquitous entity that controls the lives of its countless subjects. No one embodies the state, no one questions the state, and no one ever challenges the state -- no matter if it manifests itself through the Senate, the Romulan fleet, or its secret service, the Tal Shiar. Never trust the Romulans, who are as devious as they are cunning. If you don't see them, they're probably working behind your back."

Romulan Star Empire Faction Center

Section 31[edit | edit source]

Section 31

Initial Reputation: Neutral

Home Planet: Cor Caroli V

"Section 31 is the de-facto black-ops organization that watches over the Federation from the shadows. Who are they? How many of them are there? Some claim they were established as part of the first Starfleet Charter, some claim they originate from an ancient Earth spy agency. Section 31 believes that the ends always justify the means. Would you use a biological plague to stop the Dominion War, captain? Section 31 would."

Section 31 Faction Center

Alternate Universe Factions[edit | edit source]

Factions can also cross time, space, and reality.

Terran Empire[edit | edit source]

Terran Empire

Initial Reputation: Despised

Home Planet: Trill

"Ruthless and cruel, the Terran empire is a twisted mirror version of the Federation. The Terran Empire cares little for peace, and in putting humanity first they look to conquer alien planets. The Empire’s version of efficiency may be vicious and brutal … or may be valuable to organize a galaxy turned upside down."

Terran Empire Faction Center

Klingon-Cardassian Alliance[edit | edit source]

Klingon-Cardassian Alliance

Initial Reputation: Despised

Home Planet: Eden

"Their prejudice against humanity and expansionist policies make this mirror universe alliance both fearsome foes and potentially strong allies. Will you defend the planets oppressed by Alliance rule, or try to make amends to a military powerhouse? Are the Klingons and Cardassians of this alternate universe better than their prime contemporaries, or will you take this opportunity to chart a new course for both races?"

KCA Faction Center